Do you wonder if your book is worth publishing?

Our Book Assessment will give you a professional and objective review of your work.

We conduct a high-level evaluation and analysis of 3 chapters your manuscript (usually the first two and last chapter) then we give you comprehensive feedback of the following 5 points.

Structure – How the story advances; how characters are introduced and developed; pace of the story. If your work is non-fiction, we evaluate the way the flow of content is presented to the reader.

Story – Goal of the story; is the message clear; is the voice/perspective clear and strong; does the plot development pull the reader through each chapter; elements the book may need such as more sensuality, suspense, action, application, etc..

Mechanics – Recurring grammatical issues; effective word choices; good use or lack of adjectives and adverbs.

Mission – Does the book have more to say and if so, determine where.

Editing  – Estimate how much editing the book needs. As we review your work, we make editorial comments throughout the book so you will have practical feedback about areas you could improve. If the author chooses to work with Quantum Shift Media on editing their work, the cost of the book assessment is applied toward editing.

We offer a full publishing program that includes:

  • 6 coaching sessions where you can get direction about every aspect of your book business
  • Strategic Book Business plan so you'll know how much money the book can make and what outlets will generate the most revenue
  • Detailed Timeline so you'll know when to do each step in the publishing process
  • Cover and Interior design of your book so that it looks professional and competitive in the marketplace
  • ISBN and LCCN numbers under Quantum Shift Publishing
  • Setting up your print account, uploading your book, and approving the final proof
  • Complete DIY marketing program
  • Support every step of the way


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