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At Quantum Shift Media we believe a book has a life of its own. You've probably experienced this as you wrote it - watching your book take you places you didn't know you were going to go! This means the story you are telling really wants to be told. And we want to help you tell it so that it reaches as many people as possible.

This is a high-level assessment of your manuscript. Our feedback will be honest keeping you and the reader in mind. We spend time connecting with your book on an energetic level so we know what the book wants to be and where it wants to go.

We would love to edit and publish your book! So, as an added bonus, when you work with us, we will credit half of the book assessment toward
any of our services.

Professional Book Assessment

  • Structure | How the story advances; how characters are introduced and developed; pace of the story.

  • Story | Goal of the story is clear; voice/perspective clear and strong; plot development; elements the book may need such as more sensuality, suspense or action.

  • Mechanics | Recurring grammatical issues; effective word choices; good use of adjectives and adverbs.

  • Mission | Does the book have more to say and if so, determine where.

  • Mechanics & Editing | Estimate how much editing the book needs.

Your Book Assessment will also cover

  • Summary of Key Concepts

  • Title & Subtitle Recommendations

  • Writing Style

  • Emotional Impact

  • Originality and Innovation

  • Themes and Messages

  • Author's Credibility

  • Clarity and Accessibility

  • Practicality and Applicability

  • Evidence and Research

  • Engagement and Motivation

  • Target Audience

  • Personal Impact 6

  • Critique and Analysis

  • Recommendations

Up to 50K words

Up to 75K words

Up to 100K words

How the Assessment Works

  • Once you sign up, you will receive an email with some questions about your manuscript and instructions on uploading your manuscript to a shared Google Drive folder. Be sure to look for an email from

  • Upload your Manuscript to the Google Drive link in your email. We consider your content sacred, you own all rights to it, and we guard it carefully.

  • Within 2 weeks, Quantum Shift Media will review your book.

  • We will email you a report with feedback on the plot, structure, and mechanics, and an estimate of how much editing is needed. We will make comments in the margin for anything specific we see as we go through your manuscript.

  • QSMedia will then set up a call with you and Keren to discuss the results of the Book Assessment with you and recommend the next steps to you. Keren is all about you reaching your highest potential, so in this call, we will also discuss how you can use your book in your business and brainstorm some marketing techniques that you can use.

Up to 50K words

Up to 75K words

Up to 100K words


Jim, Attorney

Keren Kilgore did an assessment of my book after I worked on it for over ten years. She was extremely helpful and encouraging. She covered every angle, missing nothing. I am completely satisfied and recommend her without reservation.

32 mins ago

Carter Pounders

My book assessment with Keren was excellent. The connection, cooperation and suggestions were monumental. The input led to considerable positive changes to my work. Working with Keren was comfortable, convenient and impactful. I would definitely recommend Keren and Quantum Shift Media to other authors.

59 mins ago

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