HOW TO WRITE FICTION: Tools that help propel your story

So, you want to write a novel. There are many opinions out there on how to write fiction.

I know it can be overwhelming to know how to apply all that information to your story.  That’s why author coaching is helpful. As a writer, you just can't always see it all clearly. And clarity is...

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Everyone Has a Story

This summer Michael and I spent some time on the East Coast with our family. We started in Chattanooga, Tennessee visiting Michael's Mom, Peggy, and more than 40 family members. One precious moment was when Peggy held the littlest member of the family. 

I thought about how much had changed...

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The Power of Being Witnessed

I had just finished writing the first draft of a story for young readers about an abused colt. I thought the story was really good and was actually crying at the end. I went upstairs to my husband’s office and told him the story. He was in tears, too, and I felt like the story really was as...

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11 Reasons to Write a Book

11 Reasons To Write a Book

When people think about writing, they generally envision a fiction book.  How fun to write a mystery or a romance novel, or an inspiring book for children. But nonfiction makes up half of all books published.  Nonfiction allows us to explore topics that are...

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Flow State

Flow. That is one of my values. I find it compelling that the more conscious I am of flow, the more flow I experience.

This past weekend, my husband and I tackled a landscape project in a small area of our back patio filled with dirt and has been growing weeds for over a year. We went to...

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Image. Image. Image.

We’re you ever forced to write something 100 times on the blackboard? Or perhaps you witnessed someone having to do this. Think back and remember how that felt.

One of our teenage foster kids incessantly left the kitchen cabinets and drawers open. He’d finish unloading the dishwasher...

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Do I Really Have Something to Write About?

People have written a book on their bucket list. They think about it a lot, but they don't know how to get started. So, they don't.  

I've written a lot of books (over 150). But not one of them had my name on them because I ghostwrote them for other authors. I never believed I had...

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Table of Abundance

I had a fascinating dream about abundance last night.

And I feel so expanded just thinking about it! 

I  was at a celebration dinner with many people from my tribe. There were long tables overflowing with beautiful dishes you'd see in gourmet magazines or served in a palace;  the...

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Things you need to know when building your business website

If your business does not have a professional website, you are already one step behind your competition. Websites become more relevant today more than ever because the pandemic literally drove everybody online. Your website does not only give you identity but it also provides you the credibility...

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An Overview of Publishing a Book

If you are an aspiring author who dreams of publishing your own book, you are probably wondering what processes are involved to make it happen. It is a thrilling experience to witness how your book takes shape from your scratchy handwriting or rough typed pages to the final material ready for...

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5 Logo Design Hacks to Make a Lasting Impression

A study published in Taylor & Francis online claims that it only takes 50 milliseconds for brands to make an impression to an individual. This means as a brand, you need to maximize this small amount of time to make a lasting impression. Therefore, your brand elements such as your logo...

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