Wait for the Wind

Over my lifetime, I have always relied on God’s faithfulness. He has never let me down. No matter what.

Sometimes it looked pretty bleak, but it never remained that way for very long.

It almost seems that every time we go through one of these, we earn another spiritual Ph.D. If that is...

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BOOK TRAILER VIDEOS: What Are They and How to Use a Book Trailer to Maximize Your Book Marketing Campaign

Book trailers are a powerful marketing tool for authors who want to promote their books. The goal of a book trailer is to create an emotional connection with the viewer and make them want to read the book. Unfortunately, it is an effective tool frequently forgotten by authors and publishers in...

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How to Make a Book Trailer

Step 1: Create a Script

Just like your book, every trailer needs a well-structured message - and since you’re already a writer you have a fantastic advantage. Scripts will also help you plan, organize your thoughts, and create a compelling story on which readers will get hooked. 


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How To Write A Powerful Bio That Attracts Readers Like A Magnet!

Imagine walking into your favorite library and searching for a book that solves a particular problem. A book cover catches your eye.

You pick it up and immediately you go to the author’s bio to find out more about them. You read about where they studied, their education degrees, and...

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Two Methods for Organizing Your Story

In our last few blogs, we’ve been discussing different approaches to writing fiction. In our first blog, we talked about the Storybrand approach with the character having a problem, encountering a guide who gives them a plan and calls them to action. That action either helps them succeed or...

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Writing a Story in a 3-Act Model

In the last few blogs, we’ve discussed step-by-step processes to flesh out a fiction novel from beginning to end. First, we’ve discussed the Storybrand approach to writing, brainstorming, and gathering all the assets you want to include in the book. Then, we discussed the 14 steps of...

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Your Hero's Journey: 14 Steps to Help Develop Your Story


In our last blog, we talked about gathering the assets or different elements that go into writing your story. These assets include developing your characters and subplots as well as creating the space they live. These are essential parts of your story. 

Now that you are equipped with...

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11 Assets for a Great Fiction Story

In a previous blog, I shared the Story Brand model that you can follow when writing your book. If you missed it, you can find it here: HOW TO WRITE FICTION: Tools that help propel your story

When I’m working with clients writing a fiction book, I often use the Fabula Card Deck to help...

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HOW TO WRITE FICTION: Tools that help propel your story

So, you want to write a novel. There are many opinions out there on how to write fiction.

I know it can be overwhelming to know how to apply all that information to your story.  That’s why author coaching is helpful. As a writer, you just can't always see it all clearly. And clarity is...

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Everyone Has a Story

This summer Michael and I spent some time on the East Coast with our family. We started in Chattanooga, Tennessee visiting Michael's Mom, Peggy, and more than 40 family members. One precious moment was when Peggy held the littlest member of the family. 

I thought about how much had changed...

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The Power of Being Witnessed

I had just finished writing the first draft of a story for young readers about an abused colt. I thought the story was really good and was actually crying at the end. I went upstairs to my husband’s office and told him the story. He was in tears, too, and I felt like the story really was as...

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11 Reasons to Write a Book

11 Reasons To Write a Book

When people think about writing, they generally envision a fiction book.  How fun to write a mystery or a romance novel, or an inspiring book for children. But nonfiction makes up half of all books published.  Nonfiction allows us to explore topics that are...

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