Basic Copy Editing

Our team can take a book from rough manuscript handwritten or taped and refine it. We organize the content, edit the sentence structure and grammar, note where there are holes in the unity, and return to it to you to continue writing. We can go through this process several times until a well-written and complete manuscript is finished. Correcting problems of grammar, style, repetition, word usage, and jargon. Copy editing includes one revision at no additional charge. Turnaround time is typically is three business days.


Substantive (line) Editing

A professional editor will work on your book refining the writing; organizing the flow of content, creating a table of contents; proofreading for grammar and punctuation while keeping your voice and tone; reference checks, copyright page content, author bio, author offerings in back of book.


Developmental Editing

Intensive, substantive editing that looks at the big picture, organization and strength of the book. The document is evaluated as a whole and problems of structure, organization, coherence, and logical consistency are corrected. Sentences may be removed or added. Paragraphs may be rewritten, condensed, or expanded. Blocks of text may be moved from one section to another. We look at pacing, characters, tense, plots, points of view, and dialogues. Developmental editing considers all the aspects of a manuscript that make the book readable and enjoyable. Because of the extensive nature of this form of editing, it is more time intensive and costly. However, it is worth the investment if you are serious about succeeding as an author.


For those who have something important to say but don’t have the time to write it themselves, we can collaborate with you. Through a series of meetings and interviews, we gather the content and essence of your book and the way you communicate and we write in your voice style.


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