5 Logo Design Hacks to Make a Lasting Impression


A study published in Taylor & Francis online claims that it only takes 50 milliseconds for brands to make an impression to an individual. This means as a brand, you need to maximize this small amount of time to make a lasting impression. Therefore, your brand elements such as your logo must be compelling enough. If you want to know how you can grab your audience’s attention based on your product or service, book a FREE Brand Analysis with us!

Your logo needs to carry your brand image, but at the same time, its details should be enough to create a lasting impression. Here are 5 useful design hacks to make a memorable logo:

  1. Simple Design Wins

Make your logo simple and straightforward. Keep it at a minimum. Put a minimum number of elements like graphics, font, and color. Stick to these three elements. Make them align cohesively. Bring these elements into harmony. Remember that you can achieve design perfection, not when there’s nothing to add, but when there’s nothing to remove.

  1. Make The Best Logo Color Choices

Color has a huge impact on how your audience perceives you. According to a study published in Emerald Insight, a person decides about a product within 90 seconds of initial interaction with it. The same study concluded that 60-90% of this decision depends on the colors they see. The colors you choose for your logo can also help influence your audience’s mood or emotions. Always choose colors that inflict positive emotions.

  1. Consider Shape and Space Relationship

Focus on your graphic, font, and color choice. Once harmony is created between these three elements, it can positively impact your audience’s subconscious. When your elements work together, they create a relationship in the minds of your audience. The thickness of the font, the corners of the graphic, the brightness of the color are examples of the things you need to consider. They have to be cohesive.

  1. Always Go Unique

While it is okay to create a logo design that is closer to a famous one, it is not recommended by many expert graphic designers because it can affect your brand’s identity in the long term. If you wish to be influenced by a famous logo, play with the lines, colors, and font to make your own standout.

  1. Understand Your Audience

One of the most common mistakes some graphic designers make is their failure to answer a very important question: who are they designed for. Before creating anything, you must identify the target market you are trying to appeal for. Assess what your target market is expecting from you. Once you identify their characteristics, persona, and behavior, you’ll be able to have a clear direction with your logo design process.

Doing proper market research and assessing your brand can take you so far in this process of logo making. You may also opt to outsource your company logo, and Quantum Shift Media is an expert in that field. We can turn your vision into an actual logo that will make your brand stand out. Schedule a FREE Brand Analysis consultation with us and let’s start planning what your logo will be: 

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