Your Writing From Seed to Flower:

24 Hours of Focused Writing


This month we are focusing on you and your book writing, website content writing, book revisions, course content writing, poetry, song lyrics-- whatever you need to nurture.

We will create the space for you to really dig deep and get into what it is that is springing from your thoughts.


Get ready to invest in yourself and your thoughts.



Writing Workshop Dates



Wednesdays:  June 2, 9, 16, 23 | 7am - 9am MST
Thursdays: June 3, 10, 17, 24 | 7am - 9am MST
Mondays: June 7 | 5pm - 8pm MST
June 21 | 7am - 10am MST
Saturday June 12 | 8am - 10am MST
24 hours of writing


Save these dates on your calendar!

June Writing Workshop: Nurturing the Story Inside

$197.00 USD
Ready to Nurture Your Story?


  • You've been longing to write

  • You have something churning inside that needs to come out

  • You're compelled to write but frustrated that you can't get it to flow

  • You have stories and homemade books all over your house

  • You're feeling STUCK


  • You're already writing at least 2000 words every day

  • You can automatically get into the flow of writing

  • You have awesome BLOG content already in the hopper

  • You are so focused on writing that you can't stop to even eat lunch

  • Your story is already leading you

Let's nurture your story! Register today.