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What They Say

Client Reviews


Gina F.

Keren is the everything person. She's the designer of my book cover, creative, and she listens. She aspires to make her clients happy and a feeling of fulfillment. I really appreciate the design, the editing, the publishing. People say "You just started writing this May of 2020 and it's already out?" That's awesome!

Judy, South Carolina

I'll never forget what you did for me in all avenues regarding writing and publishing my book. Your encouraging words were most important. I am also grateful for the people you connected me to and how the endorsements came to be. 


Delphine F.

These writing workshops really opened up a lot of avenues for me because I have it all inside but I don't know how to channel them. What I like about it is you pan out the time in sections. and I'm able to flow in that without interruption, without thinking, just allow myself. And also, you're able to set the scene, we come together, and it has really been good. It has helped me a lot.

Stephanie AP.

I’ve been dabbling in writing my story for several years, but never had a direction. These few writing workshops have been so helpful and I am so excited to see how my story develops during the upcoming workshops next month.



Author of Soul Warrior: How to Liberate Yourself from Survival Mode and Thrive Through Any Challenge

I want to thank you for helping me market my book. The email blast that you did to Infinity Foundation just landed me a teaching spot through their platform!! It was so out of the blue, but also a secret desire of mine to be part of a larger platform. So again, 🙏🏼thank you. What a way to start the New Year!

✨Love, Angela


One excuse I had was that it is going to take time to do the 90-Day Launch, then I thought, time is going to go by either way, I may as well get my book launched.

Larry K.

Founder & President, Quality Management


Quantum Shift Media’s integrity and work ethic along with their unusual art and editing skills can help even a first-time writer succeed. I have enjoyed working with them on several projects and have referred them to friends and important colleagues with confidence.

Heidi D.

I just really enjoyed working with Keren. She's just very detail-oriented and very intuitive. She can take the details that you give her and run with it. Her communication is very good as well, which is really important when you are trying to bring something into life that's in your head and make it look like what you want. It's hard to find somebody that can communicate and bring the vision of what you have for your services into life right in front of your face.

Carter Pounders

My book assessment with Keren was excellent. The connection, cooperation and suggestions were monumental. The input led to considerable positive changes to my work. Working with Keren was comfortable, convenient and impactful. I would definitely recommend Keren and Quantum Shift Media to other authors.

59 mins ago

Jim, Attorney

Keren Kilgore did an assessment of my book after I worked on it for over ten years. She was extremely helpful and encouraging. She covered every angle, missing nothing. I am completely satisfied and recommend her without reservation.

32 mins ago

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