We have been publishing books since 1997. 

We can take your manuscript and turn it into a professional and

beautifully designed book you are proud

to put your name on.

Steps to Get Your Book Published

Step 1 - Getting Started

We create a shared Google Drive folder and send you a Standard Publishing Project Brief so that we can gather the information we need about your book.  We’ll ask you to upload any graphics you want to use, your photo for the back cover, and anything else that relates to your book design for both the cover and the interior.

We will also send you a Book Layout Order document so that your manuscript doesn’t miss any key components that go into the interior layout.


Once you complete the Brief and upload all the information into our shared folder, we schedule a zoom call to go over the brief and clarify any questions, get you onboarded in our process, and then look at some cover designs online so we can get a good feel for the cover design that is going to communicate your message as clearly as possible. We’ll talk about fonts and colors and placement of the information on your cover. We will also talk about the price of your book.

We’ll also talk about your interior design and if you have any graphics or specific elements that you want to be included in the design.

Step 2 - Proofread

We’ll proofread your manuscript for grammatical errors, syntax, and flow, and ensure that all the content is in good shape.  As your publisher, we need to ensure that your book is top quality.  If minor changes are needed, we will make them for you.  If content needs to be rewritten for clarity, we will make comments in the manuscript so you can address them.

Step 3 - ISBN & LCCN

We will secure your ISBNs and your Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication number. At this step we will also set up your International Print Distribution Account so that your book is available in bookstores and Amazon. We will establish your pricing structure, your return book policies, and send you the login credentials so you can add the information about how you want to get paid for book sales.

Step 4 - Cover Design

After our onboarding call, we’ll get to work designing a few cover options for you to choose from. We’ll send you a PDF of the cover designs and then we’ll schedule another call to go over them with you.  We like working face to face!

We will design a paperback book for you. Hardback covers are an additional cost.

Once you’ve reviewed the first round of changes, we’ll send you an updated PDF and we’ll go over the changes with you again, tweaking the cover design until you’re thrilled with it. You’ll get our professional opinion on what would make your book cover compelling. 

Your book cover will include a summary of your book, your bio and photo, a bar code with the price embedded, your contact info, and the Quantum Shift Publishing logo on the back cover and spine.

When we’ve nailed the book cover, we’ll send you a book cover mockup that you can use in marketing your book.

Step 5 - Interior Design

We will professionally design your book interior based on the Book Layout Order so that the information you are communicating is easy to absorb. If you have indexed your manuscript, it will include an index.  If you have graphics or diagrams, they will be included. 


You will receive 3 rounds of proofing of the interior layout. We will send you a PDF of your interior book and you will make comments in the PDF where you need to make changes in the layout.  We suggest you have a few people read through the PDF to make sure the book is exactly what you want.

Step 6 - Ebook Creation

Once you approve the final book cover and interior design, we will create an eBook for you.

Step 7 - Upload for Distribution

We upload your files to your print and international distribution account.  Once the eProof is ready, you can approve it, mark the book ready for distribution, and then your book is LIVE and ready to purchase.

BONUS - Book Promotion

We want to promote your book to our audience!  We’ll schedule a 15-minute interview to talk about your book and post it on our social media and newsletter.

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Cover Design, Interior Layout, EBook

You get a professionally designed book cover and interior layout. You'll have 2 rounds of proofing the PDF layout. Your book cover will be designed with your ISBN bar code and book price embedded, publisher branding, your bio photo and book summary. You will also get eBook formatting.

Our team of designers can help you create a beautiful book…one that you will be proud to have your name on. Whether it's a hardbound or a paperback cover, we promise that you will be thrilled!

Print Account Set up

We will create an international distribution and print account for on-demand printing of your book and set up the title.
We will establish a national and international distribution process so that any bookstore or library in the country can order your book. We will also choose the categories for your book title, the international pricing structures, and book return policies.

Once your account is set up, you can log in and update the credit card on file for upload and proof charges, and set up your banking information so that all revenue from book sales goes into the bank account you choose.

You will also be able to log in to your account and give final approval of the book and check it for international distribution - which means your book is now LIVE and for sale around the world.


ISBN numbers – we will assign you two ISBN numbers (one for print and one for ebook formats) under Quantum Shift Publishing.  We will register your book title with the Library of Congress and assign your book a Library of Congress Control Number (LCCN).

The back cover will have the book ISBN embedded in the bar code. 

Once your book is in print, you can file a U.S. Copyright  with two copies of the book.  


We've worked on all kinds of books including self-help, biographies, college textbooks, spiritual development, young reader, coffee table artbooks, and poetry. We love getting you published!     


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Quantum Shift Media’s integrity and work ethic along with their unusual art and editing skills can help even a first-time writer succeed. I have enjoyed working with them on several projects and have referred them to friends and important colleagues with confidence.


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