You’ve written a book … now what?
Your book is amazing! You wrote it from your heart and it can change lives. 
But how do you get it into the marketplace?  What do you do first?

Our Program Offers  Author Coaching, Book Writing Workshops, Guidance on Cover Design and Interior Design, and Marketing.

Weekly Writing Workshops

Writing workshops are held 3 times a week, generally for 2 hours each session. Come to all of them or as many as you'd like. It is a sacred space where we get into the divine flow of writing. There are times for questions and answers and a check-in to see how your writing is going.

Six Author Coaching Sessions

Six Author Coaching sessions are conducted on Zoom once a month. The sessions are recorded, so you can review them at a later time. All documents used in the sessions can be downloaded from the website. The worksheets that need to be completed before the session will be noted in a reminder email.

Note: This program is intended to empower you to handle all the marketing of your book. It does not include editing your book, building website pages, writing email content, launching email campaigns, or any other task outside the scope outlined below.

The Foundation of Your Book Project

We will establish a production and marketing timeline and offer time in writing workshops for you to work on your book and content strategy for your book. We’ll look at the purpose of each chapter and subsection of your book to establish a cohesive communication flow. We’ll also focus on your purpose and what you want the book to accomplish. We'll begin going over the business plan for your book. If your book is finished, we’ll provide a professional book assessment.

Setting Up Your Book Business

Refining your manuscript - time in writing workshops for you to work on your book; establishing a budget and strategic business plan for your book project. Launching your book without a marketing plan means far fewer people will read it.  We help you complete a business plan for your book; identify business opportunities you may not have considered and plan how to take advantage of them; analyze the market and competition to strengthen your idea; help you to plan strategies for dealing with potential challenges so they don’t derail your marketing plans; help you calculate when your book will make a profit and how much money you need to reach that point, so you can be prepared with adequate startup capital; determine your target market and how to reach them; Laying out a detailed, step-by-step plan gives you a blueprint you can refer to during the writing and book production process and helps you maintain your momentum.

Target reader and Market Research

Refining your manuscript - time in writing workshops for you to work on your book, determining your target audience demographics and market. Prior to our call, we will run Market Research includes keyword research, competitive analysis, book category research, AMS Keyword Search (Amazon Marketing Services).  Real data regarding what Amazon book buyers type into Amazon, as well as the number of searches for that keyword each month. Research will tell us the specific keywords that Amazon shoppers use. The number of times that keyword is typed into Amazon. The sales other books are having using that same keywords. How many other books are competing for those keywords. How to build a compelling and optimized Amazon author page. Get endorsements for your book. Assign your book ISBNs for print and ebook versions. Determine pricing of your book. Creating ISBN bar codes for your cover.  Setting up your print account.

Book Production and Marketing Timeline

Cover and Interior design. We will look at the components needed for your website including a website opt-in landing page to build your mailing list and promote your book before its release. Building your book launch team, steps to become an Amazon Bestselling author.  Get endorsements finalized.

Book Launch, Blogs, and Marketing 

Cover and interior design final proofing. Your Book Release Party & Book Signing Step by Step Instructions including Facebook Live Event, questions to ask interviewing guests, how to handle special guests, food to serve, backgrounds to use, how to set up the event for a successful and enjoyable event for you and your guests. Begin writing blog content about your book and creating social media buzz. Launching your email campaigns about the book before release and/or presale book.

Endorsements, Reviews, Press Release, and Media Kit

Ordering books. Book launch. Press Releases including creating a Media Press Kit - Book Tip-Sheet, emailing the press kit to Newswire for release to journalists. Registering with journalists as the expert in your field for interviews. Getting reviews for your book.

Book Assessment

An assessment of your manuscript is a high-level evaluation and analysis of 3 chapters your manuscript (first two and last chapter).  It is not a developmental edit.  It covers:

Structure | How the story advances; how characters are introduced and developed; pace of the story. 

Story | Goal of the story is clear; voice/perspective clear and strong; plot development; elements the book may need such as more sensuality, suspense or action. 

Mechanics | Recurring grammatical issues; effective word choices; good use of adjectives and adverbs. 

Mission | Does the book have more to say and if so, determine where.

Editing | Estimate how much editing the book needs.

Professional Book Cover and Interior Design

You get 3 professionally designed book cover options; interior layout design with 3 rounds of proofs to the PDF layout; bar code with ISBN and book price embedded on the back cover, Quantum Shift Publishing branding, back cover bio and book summary; ebook formatting based on final approved cover and interior layout.

ISBN and Library of Congress Number

ISBN numbers - secure two ISBN numbers for print and ebook formats under Quantum Shift Publishing; Library of Congress Cataloging-In-Publication (LCCN).  Links for the US Copyright can be found on the Quantum Shift Media resources page.

Print Account & Distribution Setup

Create a print account for on-demand printing of your book and set up the title. Establish a national distribution process so any bookstore or library in the country can order your book. Choose the categories for your book title, the international pricing structures, book return policies, training on how to place orders, upload final interior and cover files, order physical proof, approve physical and PDF proofs.  One time cost.


  • Book Production Timeline to get your book completed and marketed on schedule.
  • Book Strategic Plan and Budget Worksheets to set up your book business
  • Target Audience Worksheet to know who your ideal reader is and know how to find them.
  • Why Video Worksheet so you can record your why and find motivation just when you need it.
  • DIY Book Release Party
  • DIY Book launch
  • DIY Website Opt-In Page worksheet
  • Market Research and Competitive Analysis


NOTE: If you want QSMedia to edit your book, direct your launch, write your emails and run this email campaign for you, we can do that for an additional cost. We will create your book launch campaign for you and manage every step of the process including helping you build your launch team; writing content for all email campaigns as well as the website landing page, social media, and marketing collateral; creating systems to track responses and following up with book launch team members.


NOTE: The Quantum Shift Your Book Program is good for one year.­­

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