Get your business launched and start making an impact.

This 6-month group coaching program is an A to Z approach to getting your business launched. 

We give you the practical marketing and communication tools you need to get launched. And we know that you need to make money, so we’ll be working ON your business at the same time we’re working IN it.


  • Clear Magnetic Messaging so that people perk up and listen. 
  • Building your brand so that your potential clients can know, like, and trust you. 
  • Establish your offers and packages so that you can charge what you're worth. 
  • Understanding who your ideal client is so that you don't waste time on people who aren't.
  • Writing compelling content for your website so your site can do some of the work for you. 
  • Social Media Strategy that works so that you don't waste time and energy. 
  • How to close sales and not leave any money on the table. 
  • Putting business systems in place so that you work smarter not harder. 
  • Write your book so that you can establish more credibility and open speaking opportunities. 

Here's the whole coaching program in more detail

What you will get in the Quantum Shift Your Business
coaching program:

Module 1 | Intro & Reaching Your Full Potential

Uncovering your why, milestones, beliefs about money so that you can remove any limitation to reach your full potential. 

Module 2 | Magnetic Messaging Matrix  Part 1

Writing magnetic messages that clearly communicate the problems you solve so that you can be seen and heard. Urgent Wants vs Needs; Modality v Pains; Essential Marketing Message; Statement of Difference; For/not for

Module 3 | Magnetic Messaging Matrix  Part 2

Continuing to work on your magnetic messages, 5 benefit points; 3 brand promises; myths or mistakes/hooks; client mile markers; top 3 objections; transformational story

Module 4 | Services

Establishing the services you offer that directly solve your ideal client's problems; your door; packages and prices

Module 5 | Offerings and Packages

Establishing your services and prices so that you can uplevel and not undersell yourself. Value ladder; how to create an offer; LCDs; launching a high value program; cash infusion essentials

Module 6 | Branding  

Forming your branding so that your potential clients can know, like, and trust you. Brand archetype; Color Profile; Words/Phrases that Describe you; Brand colors, images, fonts; personal appearance; brand book

Module 7 | Your Ideal Client

Forming your branding so that your potential clients can know, like, and trust you. Understanding you and your ideal client so that your energy is spent working with people who are a good fit for you. Greatest challenges; where do they hang out; description; their groups; their values; their lifestyle; where to find them

Module 8 | Website Flow and Content

Creating magnetic content for your website and email campaigns so that potential clients know how to work with you.  Home; About; Services; Blogs; CTAs; Headers; imagery; User Experience

Module 9 | Landing Pages and SEO

Website footers, website addons, landing pages, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), keywords, competitive analysis

Module 10 | Social Media and Lead Generation

Determining lead generation systems so that you have an abundant flow of clients and establishing a workable social media strategy.

Module 11 | Sales Conversations

Refining your sales conversations so that you close 80% of your sales calls.

Module 12 | Signature Speech

Outline your speech so that you are ready to speak at any time and anywhere. It can be 10 minutes or be expanded to an hour

Module 13 | Path to $100K 

Funnel Campaign, Email Marketing, Lead Magnet Strategy

Module 14 | Emails that Get Read 

How to write a great email, frequency of sending, headers, CTAs

Module 15 | Writing Magnetic Copy & Maintaining Website

How to write copy that attracts your clients and  makes people click; creating a Masterclass;

Module 16 | Business Systems, Onboarding, Marketing Collateral 

How to use systems that save you time and money, client agreements and onboarding to eliminate problems, what your marketing collateral should do.

Module 17 | Writing Your Book

We will have a 4-day writing retreat where you will write the first draft of your book.

Module 18 | Revising and Marketing Your Book 

Revising; preparing your manuscript for publication, cover and interior layout productions; best-selling marketing plan

Module 19 | Final session

Wrap up all work

Time Commitment

We will be meeting every Tuesday from 9 am to 12 pm MST.  We will have a clarity call every Thursday from 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm.  These calls will be recorded and posted in a portal for you to watch later if you have to miss one.  There will be some homework you will want to do to get the most out of each session.



This is FOR:
  • Entrepreneurs who are gifted at what they do but don’t know how to promote themselves.
  • Business owners who are stuck, frustrated and fed up with not being seen or heard.
  • Solopreneurs who know the impact they can make if they just had the right tools.
  • People who need a quantum shift in their business so they can make more money.
  • Solopreneurs who need a workable plan they can easily implement to get them launched.
  • People who want to earn more money for the valuable services they provide.
  • Entrepreneurs who have been spinning their wheels trying to attract clients.
  • People who are willing to invest 6 hours a week in order to make a quantum shift in their business.
This is NOT for:
  • People who have established marketing strategies that work based on their experience.
  • Solopreneurs who have several published books and a full speaking schedule.
  • People who have a full toolbelt of business systems and strategies that 100% work.
  • Solopreneurs who have a strong client base and a 6-month waiting list.
  • Business owners who are launched and are running a highly profitable business.
  • Entrepreneurs who are already making 7 figure incomes or more than that.
  • Business owners who are closing more sales than they can ever handle.
  • Solopreneurs who are so busy working IN their business that they cannot dedicate a few hours a week to work ON it. 


  • We promise to help you solidify your essential marketing message so that your communications attract your ideal client.
  • We promise to help you write the first draft of your book so that you have more credibility and open more opportunities.
  • We promise to help you make a quantum shift in your business so you can impact lives and earn what you are worth.

Keren's Transformational Story

For many years I had a web and graphic design business. I loved it and was really good at it, but I never had enough clients to pay the bills. I had no branding and my logo and business cards were a Vista Print design. About once a month I thought about quitting and getting a real job. I subscribed to several job boards and emails came pouring in that took my attention. I didn’t want a real job that paid me hourly! I wanted my own business. I wanted to impact lives and make a LOT of money.

But working for myself and continually bringing in new clients seemed impossible. I knew my skills were truly valuable, but I didn’t like promoting myself and had no idea what to do to attract the type of people I wanted to work with.

One day I realized I was acting like a hobbyist, not a real business owner.   And I was getting those results. So I branded myself and began acting like, talking like, and dressing like a professional.

I also realized that if I didn’t promote myself and people couldn’t find me, I couldn’t help them. So I forced myself to begin networking.  I was terrified -- literally dry mouth and panic stricken -- giving my one minute presentations because I had no idea what to say.  And people were confused about the problems I could solve because every week I said something different. But they liked me.

When I figured out what my magnetic marketing message was, everything shifted. It had to settle in me and I had to own it, then I could clearly communicate it to others. And I started getting clients from my networking efforts. Then I started getting referrals from them. I was doing something right!

But I still wasn’t making much money for a couple of reasons. First because my body was only comfortable making so much money. I had an upper limit problem. And second, because I had not yet figured out that I should stop customizing everything and start putting my services into packages.  When I shifted these things, I started making a profit.  Now I was on a quest! I learned many strategies that helped me reach my ideal client. And my business literally tripled in one year.

I am offering these same proven strategies to you so you can see a quantum shift in your business.