You're wanting to write a book ...

and you want it to be a bestseller, change lives, and grow your business. 


But how do you get it into the marketplace?  What do you do first?

Our publishing program offers author coaching, book writing workshops, professional cover and interior design, and a marketing strategy blueprint to make $10,000 in 90-days!

Book Publishing

Our Quantum Shift Publishing program will guide you step-by-step through the entire complex process.  In the end, you'll know exactly what to do, when to do it, how to do it, and you'll be holding a professionally designed book in your hand. We'll have coaching sessions where we can get our hands dirty and come up with a customized plan that works for you.

This program has three objectives:

1 | To help you write a book that is a page-turner.

2 | To produce a professional book you can be proud of and that increases your credibility and impact.

3 | To create a marketing strategy that brings in $10,000 in the first 90 days.

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There are five aspects of the Quantum Shift Publishing Program. They often overlap each other through the entire process. You can join the program no matter where you are in your writing journey.

Author Coaching - we meet twice a month to talk about your book and answer any questions about writing, cover designs, marketing, and more. The private Facebook Group is a great place to get feedback from other writers in the program and post questions in between our group calls. These coaching sessions are where we get our hands dirty and come up with a customized plan that works for you. 

Writing & Revising - we will help you write the first draft of your book and give you feedback on your writing. We also provide a professional book assessment and will one round of proofing. We also offer editing services at a reduced rate. 

Book Strategy - we'll help you formulate a comprehensive strategy for your book sales, where you can sell them, how much money you can make from each strategy and how you can use your book in your business to bring in more clients and open more opportunities. 

Book Production - you'll get a professionally designed book delivered to your door. And people can order it online anywhere.

Marketing & Launch - we put together a detailed marketing and launch plan that you can customized and implement to ensure your book is wild success when it is published.

I have been working with authors for over 25 years getting their books written, edited, published, and marketed. I've worked on self-help books, children's books, young reader books, college textbooks, autobiographies, fiction, collaborative books, and coffee table art books. I've also ghost-written many books for authors.

I am passionate about helping authors get published because I know the impact a book can have not only on the reader but on your business. It can open doors to opportunities you never dreamed possible. When I work with you I connect to the energy of you and your book to create a quantum shift in your project so that you can have the impact you want.

 Your book has a life of its own … and when you allow it, it leads and guides you where it wants to go. And that journey can be so fun!

Keren Kilgore
Author Coach & Publisher


Each module is recorded and available on QSM website along with the downloadable worksheets. The sessions are recorded, so you can review them and go through the content at your own pace. Any questions you have can be addressed during our bi-weekly calls.

You can access the course modules by logging into your course content on the QSMedia website. There are videos explaining each of the modules so that you can work on them before the coaching session and get specific questions answered.

It is highly recommended that you complete the worksheets before each session.

It doesn't matter what phase you are at in your book writing.  Each of the modules are designed to give you the information you need to write a great book and create a great marketing plan.

You can access the information as many times as you want in the course curriculum.

We ask that you not share this information with anyone else.

Module 1 | The Foundation of Your Book Project

We will focus on WHY you are writing the book, its purpose, and mission. We will release any resistances to writing and unblock any upper limit issues.

Giving your book the proper foundation means you are intentionally setting it up for success. This is huge!

Using a Book Content Strategy Worksheet, we’ll look at the purpose of each chapter and subsection of your book to establish a cohesive communication flow.

 You'll be able to download:
  • Content Strategy Worksheet for your book
  • Your WHY Video worksheet PDF
  • Book Production and Marketing Timeline Excel Sheet - we provide you a detailed and customized timeline that keeps you on track every step of the journey including: writing, revisions, social media posting, endorsements, book production, building your book launch team, marketing, and more!

Module 2 | Setting up your book business

We will establish a budget and strategic business plan for your book project guiding you to determine how much money your book can infuse into your business.

What if your book brought you 10 quality clients over the course of a year? How would that change your business? How would that change over 5 years? What if it was a vehicle to finding many more? It can be!

This is a strategic plan on steroids for books!

There are numerous spreadsheets that all calculate the cost and profitability of your book so that you know exactly what can happen. It will guide you in making many decisions on how your book can be a profit center and make your money.

Launching your book without a marketing plan means far fewer people will read it. We want your book to be massively successful!

You'll be able to download:

  1. A comprehensive business plan for your book so that you can implement strategies for dealing with potential challenges so they don’t derail your marketing plans and identify business opportunities you may not have considered so you can plan how to take advantage of them

  2. A comprehensive budget worksheet that will help you calculate when your book will make a profit and how much money you need to reach that point, so you can be prepared with adequate startup capital

Print and International Distribution Account Setup

We will set up your print and international distribution account so that you are represented on every sales platform including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and bookstore catalogs. We will establish your international sales pricing and return book policies, upload your book. You will be able to approve your final proof for print and international sale.

Module 3 | Writing & Revising

The writing and revising phase of your book is the heart and soul of publishing.  We work on every aspect of your writing including your content strategy, using writing software, implementing writing tips to keep your readers engaged, character profiles, elements that make up a great story, effective use of emotion and dialogue, how to get your reader to take action, and writing magnetic headlines.  In addition, we show you how to utilize beta readers in the initial phase of your writing.

We also provide a book assessment during this phase so that you have a clear direction where to take your book in the revisions. 

And to top it all off, we do an entire edit on your book. 

Module 4 | Target Reader and Market Research

We will focus on determining your target audience demographics and market. We want your book to get into the hands of your ideal reader so it can make the maximum impact. Prior to our call, QSM will run Market Research on your book.
You'll be able to download:

  • Target Market Worksheet so that you can identify your target market and know where and how to reach them.
  • Market Research Worksheet so you can analyze your book in the market and its competition to strengthen your marketing strategies.
  • Worksheet for Amazon Marketing Services Keyword Search, competitive analysis and book category research
  • We will also show you how to build a compelling and optimized Amazon author page. 
  • A worksheet showing how (and when) to begin getting endorsements for your book.

Module 5 | Book Design

We professionally design a book cover that will be highly competitive in the marketplace and one you will be very proud to put your name on. Your book cover will be designed with your ISBN bar code and book price embedded, publisher branding, your contact info, a bio photo, and a compelling book summary.

We design the interior layout of your book so that it is easy for your readers to absorb the content without getting distracted. We choose fonts and layout styles that enhance every page.

We provide you with eBook formatting and we set up your print and distribution account so that you are represented on every sales platform including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and bookstore catalogs.

Module 6 | Marketing Blueprint to $10K in 90 days

This module is all about getting your book into the hands of readers.
You'll be able to download:
  • Step-by-step instructions on how to build a book launch team so you become an Amazon Bestselling author
  • Step-by-step instructions outlining a great website Opt-in and landing page so that you know the components needed to build your mailing list and promote your book before its release
  • Step-by-step instructions with steps to throw a successful book release party with Facebook live event
  • Step-by-step instructions on how to create a Press Release, Media Kit and Book One Sheet
  • Worksheet on how to utilize blogs to promote your book
  • Social Media Strategy how to implement a social media campaign
  • Email campaign templates the book before release and/or presale book
  • Step-by-step instructions on how to get endorsements for your book
In addition to all this, you'll get ...


Writing workshops are held 3 times a week, generally for 2 hours each session. Come to all of them or as many as you'd like. It is a sacred space where we get into the divine flow of writing.
You can write the first draft of your book, work on revisions, write a blog or article, or start your second … or third … book!
There are times for questions and answers and a check-in at the end to see how your writing is going.
ou have access to one year of workshops.

Coaching & Accountability Sessions

Every month from January through October we will have a bi-monthly coaching session where you get personal support, get your work reviewed, get feedback from Keren, and get answers to any questions related to writing, publishing, or marketing. We will set objectives each month and have check-ins to see how we are reaching those objectives so that we continually make progress in our book. You will be part of a tribe that will support you through the entire writing and publishing experience.


A high-level assessment of 3 chapters of your manuscript (generally the first two and last chapter). It covers:

 Structure | How the story advances; how characters are introduced and developed; pace of the story.

Story | Goal of the story is clear; voice/perspective clear and strong; plot development; elements the book may need such as more sensuality, suspense or action.

Mechanics | Recurring grammatical issues; effective word choices; good use of adjectives and adverbs.

Mission | Does the book have more to say and if so, determine where.

 Editing | Estimate how much editing the book needs.

*We offer all levels of editing services for an additional cost.



QSM designs your book cover and interior layout … and it will rock! The back cover will have your photo, bio and a summary of the book. You get 3 professionally designed book cover options.

We will design the interior layout of your book so that it is easy to absorb the content. You'll get 3 rounds of proofs to the PDF layout.

We'll work with you to determine the price of the book and that price will be embedded in the ISBN bar code making it easy for bookstores to scan your book at retail prices.

Your book will have the Quantum Shift Publishing branding.

Your book will be formatted for eBook based on final approved cover and interior layout.


Your book will be assigned two unique ISBN numbers - one for print and one for eBook format under Quantum Shift Publishing.

Your book will be assigned a Library of Congress Cataloging-In-Publication Number (LCCN). 

Links to file your Copyright with US Copyright Office can be found on the Quantum Shift Media resources page.


We will create a print account for on-demand printing of your book and set up the title. Establish a national distribution process so any bookstore or library in the country can order your book. Choose the categories for your book title, the international pricing structures, book return policies, training on how to place orders, upload final interior and cover files, order physical proof, approve physical and PDF proofs. 

and MORE!

You get access to a private Facebook group Quantum Shift Authors for community support and feedback throughout your writing journey.

The Quantum Shift Publishing Program is good for one year. Ready to get started? Need more information?
Schedule a call with Keren to discuss your book project.

This program is intended to empower you to handle the marketing of your book. It includes one round of editing of your book. It does not include building website pages, writing email content, launching email campaigns, or any other tasks outside the scope outlined above. However, if you want QSMedia to edit your book, direct your launch, write your emails, and run the marketing campaign for you, we can do that and will give you a cost estimate!

We'll set up a call to hone in on what your goals are for your marketing campaigns, determine what your budget is, and customize a campaign just for you. We will manage every step of the process including helping you build your launch team; writing content for all email campaigns, building the website landing page, creating the social media campaign content, designing the marketing collateral, and managing the book launch team.

The Quantum Shift Publishing Program is good for one year. If you are still writing your book, don't worry! During the group Author Coaching sessions, we’ll work on the content so that it hits the bullseye. The group is there to support you. And you'll have a year to get your book published.

Why publish a book? 

Here are some major benefits of what it can do for you and your business. For more reasons, read my blog 11 Reasons To Write A Book .

1. Personal credibility - Lead Generator. When you write your book as a lead generator, it can be a source of new clients. Potential clients are looking for solutions to their problems. They are drawn to and influenced by people who are confident about what they do. Your book is a statement of confidence. With your bio and contact info at the back, readers often book sessions for additional work once they’ve read your book. It can draw new clients right to you. 
2. Business Tool. Your book can also be used as a tool in your business. It can be required reading saving you time going over the same material with each client. It can be broken down into sections for course curriculum leading your clients through standard steps. 
3. Multiple Revenue Streams. In addition to making money from book sales, you can have revenue coming in from other avenues as well. Repurpose your book into articles, speeches, webinars, videos, and course content. Each of these can be an additional revenue stream.
4. Authority and Expertise Opens Speaking Gigs. Your nonfiction book often requires research and often interviews with experts. This research makes you the authority and opens up opportunities to land being on podcasts and booking speaking gigs on your topic. Speaking gigs is the best way to make a bigger impact and bring in more clients.
5. Credibility and Influence. Being a published author alone gives you and your business credibility. People think you're smarter and the expert when you are published. It raises the bar in your business. When you're the expert clients begin to see you in a whole different light and you have the ability to raise your prices. 
 Your next step is to schedule your book consultation call with Keren. This is a no pressure call and at the very least, you will walk away with clear instructions on what to do next even if you choose to do it yourself.



Ready to get started?  Need more information?
Schedule a call with Keren to discuss your book project.



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