Get your book into the spotlight with a professional media kit that helps you promote your work as an author!

Send the press exactly what they need to promote your book.

Engage with potential interviewers, bloggers, and book retailers.

Stand out from the crowd and promote your book's unique message.

Build credibility, increase your sales and create a list of people who love your message.


Your author media kit is one of the most important marketing tools!

It’s the one thing that can help you land social media interviews, podcasts, and reviews to promote your book…

And it’s an ideal way to catch the attention of potential readers through their trusted media sources.

Think of it like a super powerful presentation card...

Or an elevator pitch that tells the world why your message matters to them.

All the details and information that people need to know about you and your book are beautifully presented in the same place.

We create powerful media kits that give authors the tools they need to promote their books and we can help you too!

Your Powerful Message Deserves Powerful Visuals

Here’s how the quantum media shift team can help

Design and Layout
Brand Matching

Photo Editing

PDF file with clickable links
You Get the Template

Press Release

What should be in a book’s media kit?

How do you write a press kit for an author?

How do you make a rocking author media kit that stands out?

With so many things happening all at once before your book launch… Your head and soul should be focused on what really matters: You and your book.

Save yourself time, money, and energy designing your marketing resources.

So we’ve got the answer to all those questions!

Our team can help you make that quantum shift your media kit needs to maximize its impact and boost your book’s promotion!

All you need to do is to complete the Media Kit Worksheet, upload your photos. Once we have all the files we need to create your media kit, we will design and deliver it in ten business days. And, we even give you the template so you can update it whenever you have something new to add to your media kit.

You can get your professional author media kit today for just one single investment of $900.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an author media kit and why do I need one?

An author media kit is a marketing tool used to promote the work and brand of an author. It contains information about the author and their book, as well as any other relevant content that may be of interest.

An author media kit's goal is to provide potential readers with all of the information they need to decide whether or not to purchase the book.

How fast will my design be delivered?

Once you complete the Media Kit Worksheet, upload your book cover and photos, and once we have all of the information we need, we will deliver your Media Kit in ten business days.

What resources do I have to provide you to start the design?

Once you purchase the Media Kit package, we will send you a link to complete a form with all of the information we'll need including:


Contact Information 

Press Release 


Logo (in EPS file format) 


Sell Sheet 

Book Excerpt

How many revisions do I get when I place an order?

We will do two revisions for you. We give you the final file in Canva so you can edit it to your heart’s desire.

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