Mastery of Self

Shift Your Finances, Personal Life, Spiritual Connection, Relationships, and Health.

The Mastery of Self Intensive Course uses applied knowledge of 28 principles to guide you to being a Master of your Self. By shifting your perception of who you are, you unlock your inner power and elevate yourself to live in a perpetual state of peace.

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Unlock Your Inner Power: Join the Journey of SELF-Discovery!

Are you ready to embark on a transformative two-hour private session towards of joy, growth, freedom, and limitless potential!

Here is what you can expect:

  • Gain clarity on how those sneaky limiting patterns take hold and impact your life, and discover how to break free from their grasp.

  • Unleash the extraordinary potential that resides within you.

  • Identify and transform the part of yourself that's been holding you back, paving the way for incredible growth and achievement.

  • Align your mind towards your goals and aspirations.

  • Release the negativity from your past, make empowering choices in the present, and step into a future brimming with limitless possibilities.

Who this is for

  • Couples struggling to relate to one another.

  • Corporations needing teams at top personal and professional performance.

  • People struggling with recurring issues.

  • Entrepreneurs who know that their business success is tethered to their personal growth.

  • Actors who need to know who they really are so they can fully embody the roles they take on.

  • Business owners working with their spouses.

“This is something everybody should do; it's as basic as food and water. It clears your mind, exposes the truth to yourself, and sheds light on all the lies we've been telling ourselves”


Unlock the door to your true power and limitless possibilities!

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Get ready for a mind-blowing adventure that will empower you to skyrocket to the heights of achievement, success, and fulfillment that you've always dreamed of! 

Welcome to the 28-day Mastery of "self" Intensive Course, where you'll discover your hidden superpowers, get unstuck, and unlock your true potential.

Here is what you can expect from daily 45-minute sessions

(six days a week):

  • Design Your Life: Craft a life that aligns with your deepest aspirations, establish a clear mission, and set measurable goals that will shape your journey.

  • Claim Your Goals: Acquire the essential tools and skills necessary to confidently pursue and achieve your goals within a mere 28 days

  • Harness Your Higher Power: Discover how to harness the guidance of your Higher Power, enabling you to consistently break through barriers that have held you back.

  • Cultivate Empowering Beliefs: Replace old, limiting beliefs with new, powerful ones that inspire your actions, driving you towards an extraordinary life.

  • Embrace Certainty and Confidence: Say goodbye to uncertainty as you move forward with unwavering confidence and unwavering resolve.

  • Experience profound transformation: Dissolve any lingering limiting beliefs, paving the way for lasting change.

  • Ongoing Support: Benefit from continuous support and accountability throughout your integration and implementation process, ensuring your lasting success.

“One of the great benefits of this course is consistency. It's especially helpful when you're working on deep-rooted issues. Each topic builds upon the other, allowing me to easily identify areas that need support and transformation.”


Take a quantum leap in your personal growth, career direction, spiritual awakening and literally pole vault yourself to the next step in manifesting your Mastery!

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Unleash Your Potential:

Extraordinary Transformation Stories

Let the empowering stories of transformation through the 28-Day Mastery of Self course ignite your path to greatness.

Your session with me triggered a whole lot of excavation. I went on to read more, listen more tenderly, and it prompted me to dive into the whole subconscious. The moment a negative thought comes into my head and I start seeing old habits, I pluck it out. My business and personal relationships are better because I'm more patient. I am just not the reactive old me. Now I have this amazing capacity to listen and not react. As a public speaker, I am driven but now I come across less intense. This shift happened when I started reading the questionnaire. For the most part, I'm whole, but there are a few remnants. The key is awareness

Thank you for your session, it really helped me,


I'm Joshua T. Berglen, and I'm excited to share my experience with Keren from Quantum Shift Media, who served as my self-mastery coach for 28 days. Let me start by saying that Karen truly exceeded my expectations as a coach.

I needed someone who not only understood and heard me but also truly saw me. From day one, Keren demonstrated this crucial ability to see beyond the surface. My journey with Keren was a game-changer. The coursework itself is only as impactful as the effort you invest in it. The real magic, for me, was in working with Keren. She possesses intuition, patience, and a genuine commitment to her clients. What sets her apart is her ability to hold you accountable and maintain firm boundaries. As someone with a strong personality, I tend to push boundaries unintentionally, but she established and upheld them consistently, earning my utmost respect.

Without a doubt, I wholeheartedly recommend Keren from Quantum Shift Media, endorsing her books, courses, trainings, mentorship, and Mastery of Self program..

Thank you, have a blessed day, and go hire, Keren!


Breaking Free from Fear and Anxiety

In just one week, my life has undergone a profound transformation. I was burdened by panic attacks and constant fear, which held me back from truly living. I felt trapped, empty, and disconnected. Mastery of Self has given me the tools and support to break free from anxiety, reignite my purpose, rediscover the power of my voice, and step into a life overflowing with love, worthiness, and endless possibilities.


Breaking Free from Negative Emotions and Behaviors

In just 17 days, I have experienced awareness of my thoughts, feelings, and actions, and I've gained freedom from so many of the lies that I once believed. I can now see myself free from the negative thoughts, emotions and behaviors that had enslaved me for years.

My favorite part about this course is having Keren walk with me through the whole process. Her voice is comforting, and her confidence in the process is faithful.

I recommend you do this. It's up there with your need for food and water.


Breaking the Chains of Self-Destruction

There has been a metaphysical shift in my body that is shifting the core of who I am. I wanted to destroy my own self and therefore I was attracting relationships that destroyed me. In just 7 days, the self destruction and self annihilation are gone and in their place there is life, joy and love. The controlling and pedantically part of me is gone and now it’s more free flowing and continuously trusting in God’s plan.


Empowering Decisions and Divine Alignment

I had a monumental announcement that I needed to share with the world, and with the guidance of Keren and the powerful elements she taught me, I found the courage to make that announcement I gave myself the time and space for the words to come, the words came, the email went out and there was nothing but peace. I know there would be people trying to drag me back into what was, but now I absolutely know not to be dragged back in and keep moving forward. I don’t know what the future looks like, but I will know when I need to know.

Doing the daily work around this course has just up leveled the work, integration and understanding to a level I have never anticipated. It’s so divinely aligned that I can’t explain. If you want to live at higher level, then this course will do it.


Breaking Free from Judgment and Embracing Self-Worth

In a transformative 2-hour session, I discovered four levels of thinking within myself, aligning them for a profound shift. Instead of spinning my wheels trying to control outcomes and to know what’s coming next, I now recognize that the universe has a better idea. This experience opened my soul to endless possibilities, quieting judgment and low self-esteem. Thank you so much for moving through this with me. I am ready for more self-discovery and cleansing.


Empowerment through Purpose

Before taking this course, I felt like my overall physical energy and motivation to work were somehow flat-lining. Although I thoroughly love and enjoy the work that I do, I wasn’t ambitious enough to build my practice. I found the very specific areas within myself that need my attention. With Keren’s support and guidance during the meditations, I became energetically clear, empowered by my purpose, and no longer weighed down by fear and uncertainty.


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Keren's purpose is simple: To BE. She does that by living in a higher vibrational frequency, connecting with and enjoying God, living in financial freedom, and unlocking the potential of others so that they can do the same.

As a Transformational Coach, Keren guides people through a 28-Day Self-Mastery course that identifies areas of their life that have been causing them to suffer and are keeping them from being who you were created to be. By connecting with your Greater Power, you can permanently transform those areas and live happy and free.

As an author coach and book publisher, Keren Kilgore works with visionary leaders, authors, coaches, healers, and entrepreneurs who are stuck. She guides them to tune into their powerful message, personality, and talents to create a quantum shift in their books and business. Keren guides people on writing stories to use in public speaking, closing sales, social media, and books.

You can connect with her at

Keren Kilgore

Certified Transformational Coach Author Coach & Book Publisher

Serving Clients Worldwide


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