The Magic of Keywords & Metadata

If you're not getting found online, you might have an SEO issue. In this Masterclass, we'll go over the basics of SEO so that you can make sure your website and landing pages are not competing with one another and are getting the attention they deserve. This Masterclass will give you the best practices that could make a difference in actually getting found online.

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The Magic of Keywords & Metadata

Best Practices to Write Effective Metadata

Understanding the basics of writing an effective Metadata.

Best Keywords In your Contents

Learn to utilize the best focus keywords to optimize your content.

Understanding the SEO Functions

Enhance your website traffic by understanding SEO applications.

About the Instructor

Always ready for a new adventure, Keren is an avid motorcyclist who completed an Iron Butt ride on her BMW 1200RT touring bike. She gets recharged spending time in nature playing golf, hiking, biking, kayaking, and paddle boarding. She loves watercoloring, knitting, cooking, entertaining, game nights, improv, and enjoys a scotch on the back porch by the fire with Michael, her beloved husband of 41 years.

You can reach Keren at [email protected]

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