Things you need to know when building your business website


If your business does not have a professional website, you are already one step behind your competition. Websites become more relevant today more than ever because the pandemic literally drove everybody online. Your website does not only give you identity but it also provides you the credibility you need to sell your product or service. 

Creating your website properly is one of the first things you need to do to stand out on the market. You must familiarize yourself with the basics of building your website. 

  1. Carefully choosing your hosting
    Finding a reliable hosting company is essential in making sure that your website and its data are fully secured. Hosting companies help post your domain on the internet. Doing so will require your website’s sensitive information and credentials. Quantum Shift Media can take care of your domain name registration, domain hosting, and email hosting. You can book our 30-minute Website Analysis appointment and let us resolve any confusion you have regarding website hosting.

2. Designing your website
Website Design is a very important aspect of building your business website. The design of your website tells so much about your personality. It should give your visitors the opportunity to know, like, and trust you. Design poses significant challenges to small business owners because website design requires a specific discipline to be effective.

a. Appealing visual design
Your website design should appeal to the eyes of your visitors. Your design should encourage them to stay on your page and navigate through your website. Poor visual design can lead to higher bounce rates.

b. Media upload speed
A website that is visually appealing must also be efficient in its function. You don't want your visitors to wait for something to load on your website. Optimizing your images can make a huge difference with your website performance. 

c. High-resolution images
There are image companies that offer their services to website owners when it comes to providing quality images. Your website must contain images with high-resolution that have been optimized to make a positive impression among your visitors.

d. Disorganized Website
Putting too many graphic designs such as banners and messages could be a painful mess to see on your website. If you want a lot of information, make sure to organize it visually on your website so that it doesn’t distract your visitors.

e. Easy-to-Navigate Website
Part of the website design is user navigation. You have to make your website user-friendly so visitors don’t get lost opening new windows. If it takes them five clicks to get to their carts, they could easily lose interest in your products or services.

f. Poor-Quality Content
Websites need to have engaging content, and this includes articles and texts. Every media you will put on your website must be able to send your marketing message successfully. Hence, there should be clarity and conciseness in everything

g. Ability to make changes to your own website
We feel strongly that every business owner should have control over their own website. This is why we train you on the back end of your site when we’re done building it. We show you how to change images, write blogs, upload new content, create new pages, and more! We’d love to take a few minutes to review your site. Simply book a 30 minute website review with us.  

  1. Getting ranked in Search Engines
    Consumers use keywords to look for the things they want to know or buy online. Optimizing your website with these keywords can help your website rank higher in search engines. SEO is complex and takes time. The wrong use of tools could lead to website chaos. If you build an SEO-optimized website with the right tools, your probability of ranking higher is very significant compared to businesses that disregard SEO entirely.

  2. Cost
    When you calculate the cost needed to create a website for your small business, it isn’t uncommon to see companies spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars monthly to ensure their websites are appropriately running – from hosting to maintenance to SEO and more. Your website is an investment in your business – it is your virtual brick and mortar shop in an online world.

  3. Updating Your Website
    It is essential to update the site to keep it relevant, fast, and safe. Trends in web design change almost daily, so planning is the key to keep it fresh for your customers. Make sure to keep your plugins updated regularly.

To save you from all of these hassles and possibly ineffective website-building strategy, Quantum Shift Media offers a FREE 30-minute consultation that can literally point you in the right direction! 

We can save you hours of trouble whether or not you work with us. From purchasing your domain names, web hosting, and creating email accounts, Quantum Shift Media would love to share with you the right path to take to stand out in the market. We want you to be successful and get your business on track right from the start.

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