Table of Abundance

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I had a fascinating dream about abundance last night.

And I feel so expanded just thinking about it! 

I  was at a celebration dinner with many people from my tribe. There were long tables overflowing with beautiful dishes you'd see in gourmet magazines or served in a palace;  the types of food I wish I could learn how to cook. There were bowls of exotic fruits, platters of quiche, trays of chocolate donuts, bowls of marshmallow cream, and more. There were Indian dishes and platters of Italian food,  tureens of soups and crocks of steaming potatoes.  And I knew I wanted to try everything on the table, and wondered if that was even possible. 

I started putting some food on my plate when I realized that all of the dishes were cut into small servings; so I could try many different things and not be too full or wasteful. 

How thoughtful! The serving sizes were exactly what I wanted.

I stood looking at this table and did a happy dance as I thought about what foods I wanted to try. I was so excited that I could hardly contain the energy surging through me at the thought of the extravagant abundance in front of me.

My dog, Keely, who crossed the Rainbow Bridge two years ago, was right under my feet. Her name means “beautiful friend of my soul.” She couldn't get close enough to me, but I kept tripping over her as I was moving down the table. I put my attention on her and told her, I am getting my plate of food and will come sit in this chair when I am done. Would you please curl up under this chair and wait for me?  Save this seat for me, please, dear one.  She immediately laid down but never took her eyes off me as I went around the table.

On the other side of the table there was a man who looked to me like he was a leader or had some influence over a lot of people. I was aware of him watching me enjoying myself and the abundance of food as I went down the table. He never spoke to me, but I could feel his energy and I knew he could feel mine. I was doing little happy jigs with all the anticipation, and I think he was attracted to the energy that I had. 

Just as I was waking up from the dream, I remembered a scene out of the movie  Hook; where the boys were all dirty and hungry and they were sitting at a long table with forks, knives and plates, but no food. In unison they began to imagine a big dinner feast, talking about all the different types of food they were going to eat.

Suddenly the table was full of all kinds of food. The kids were filling their plates and bowls and cups and were full of excitement.

They invented the table of abundance in their minds, and they had more than enough … so much that they had a food fight just for fun.

This dream was a gift to me.  I have several take-aways.

There is abundance in every single one of us.  We have more than enough to satisfy ourselves and share the overage with everyone around us. Our Divine Source is so very abundant!

The variety of food on the table represents the voice in each of us. Every one of us has something important to say, in a way that only you can say it. And there is more than enough for everyone! It is overflowing! 

The gourmet food represents rich content that each of us has to give. It is abundant in quality and quantity and richness and nourishment. The serving sizes of the food are intended to not overwhelm someone. The rich ideas and content that are in you are broken down into bite-sized pieces so they can be assimilated and not wasted.  

And there is such abundance that when everyone is full and satisfied and does their happy jigs around the table, there is still more than enough for many more. Invite your friends and neighbors and family … there is more than enough!

This dream was a gift to me in light of the focus of the Writing Workshops I held last month where we focused on Creating Abundance. The writing sessions are a beautiful, sacred time of writing. I invite you to join us!


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