Write Your Bionic Bio

Do you have a boring bio ?

How much business are you losing because your bio is not powerful enough?

Are you being overlooked because your bio is a bit stale and lifeless ?

If your current bio is not a powerful magnet attracting your ideal clients or employers, it's time to write a BIONIC BIO.
If you want to minimize time chasing leads, jobs, or readers, and maximize your income…

Then, this course is for you!

Imagine a bio that people can’t put down.

A bio that isn’t bland or boring.

A bio that will make people take notice, leave them wanting to know more about you, and help you attract your ideal clients like a magnet.

A bio that explains to your potential clients how you can help them.

It would be life-changing, right?

Maybe you want to…

Stop chasing clients and losing appointments

Showcase your skills to a potential new employer

Stand out from the competition


Maybe you just want to focus on helping more people while monetizing your passion...

This all boils down to having a BIONIC BIO.

☝️ Here is the thing…

Your bio is one of the most important marketing pieces you have and most people underestimate its power and effectiveness.

Two or three short sentences are the only source of information potential readers and clients have to connect with you.

That’s why having a magnetic and compelling bio is so important for every author, coach, and entrepreneur.

This Bionic Bio workshop will help you write one that people will remember.

You’re probably wondering… Why do I need a Bionic Bio?

Do you have a burning desire to help people?

Do you have a message that needs to be shared with the world?

Do you have a talent or skill that could solve someone’s problem or pain?

PEOPLE are waiting for you and they NEED YOUR HELP!

But you have a big problem…

You don’t know how to get in front of them, stand out in their super busy, overcrowded lives, and grab their attention so you CAN help them.

Sounds familiar?

I’ve worked with hundreds of authors, coaches, and entrepreneurs over the years who desire to share their messages, skills, or products with the world.

I help them to tune into their powerful message to inspire and attract future clients to their dream business or book.

I knew I couldn’t keep this a secret just for my private high-end clients...

That’s why I created the Bionic Bio Workshop.

The Bionic Bio Workshop is for mission-driven entrepreneurs, business owners, authors, coaches, therapists, healers, and freelancers who want to proudly step into their PURPOSE and HELP thousands of people with their message and services.

In this workshop, you will learn how to craft a bio that sells, positions you as an expert in your niche, and invites ideal clients to connect with you. I will provide you with all the tips and tricks to create a bio that will help you stand out, build up your authority, and create a positive impression.

The Bionic Bio Workshop will help you…

⭐Connect with your audience immediately.

⭐Pitch your solution to their pain or problem.

⭐Engage with potential clients or employers.

⭐Land more job interviews.

⭐Grow your networking relationships.

⭐Have a magnetic introduction for speaking gigs and conferences.

⭐Attract more ideal clients on LinkedIn.

⭐Easily write attractive About Page website content that people can connect with.

⭐Attract potential speaking opportunities and interviews.

⭐Increase your social media following by attracting your ideal client.

Your Bionic Bio is the quantum shift you need to connect, engage, and stand out from the competition.

Here is what you will get if you join the Bionic Bio Workshop Today!

✔ You will discover the #1 mistake most people make when writing a bio.

✔ You will find out why your current bio is not working and learn the key factor to stand out and create an emotional connection with your ideal client!

✔ You will learn the secret hacks to writing a bio that effectively highlights your skills, qualifications, and experience.

✔ We will cover topics such as how to use the right words to create a powerful bio, how to format your bio for maximum impact, and how to integrate storytelling techniques to make your bio more engaging.

✔ I will provide you with easy-to-follow steps and guided exercises to create a bio that will showcase your unique personality, make people remember you, and help you build meaningful relationships.

And much more!

At the end of this workshop, you will have the tools and knowledge to craft a magnetic and bionic bio that will attract ideal clients, employers, or readers and increase your credibility.

By not doing anything you risk losing out on an opportunity that could literally change your business and your life forever…


You can make the decision to finally invest in yourself, learn how to write a powerful bionic bio, and stop chasing clients, job opportunities, and readers to have more time to help people by doing what you do best!

So, join us for this workshop and start writing an irresistibly attractive bio today and make your online presence shine!

BEFORE our Bionic Bio Course:


Experienced Recreation Therapist, providing one-on-one client care and coaching services for people with disabilities and mental health issues along with program development consultation. Provide mindset coaching for female clients wishing to push their limits. Provide license compliance and copyright infringement for professional photographers with ImageRights.

I enjoy living life, photographing, spending time with my friends playing in the mountains and in nature. I strive to empower people to discover their abilities.

Biz: The goal is for you to discover your own abilities, step out of your comfort zone and try something new. You will find your strengths and bring them to the forefront of your mind and life. Each of us has a special ability and sometimes we need a little discovery on how to find it. Spending time in nature and wilderness have special healing powers, especially when blended with a like-minded mix of ladies wanting to empower themselves to try something new or hone their current skills in the outdoors within a safe setting.


Your Adventure Rx provides the ultimate outdoor experience for travelers, corporate business leaders, coaches, and women who want to soak in the natural surroundings of the great state of Montana. Let Adventure RX design your next corporate retreat, adrenaline sales meeting, or wellness weekend in the beautiful wilds of Montana!

Your Guide: Diana Proemm

One thing is for sure, I’m a gypsy at heart, addicted to adventure, and suffer from a severe case of wanderlust. I excel at bringing transformational activities into my programs so that you can feel lighter, freer to move forward in life.

I focus on your unique set of gifts, your personality, your sense of humor, and most importantly, your heart. I believe that everyone needs a break, especially women who run their own business, have a family, and want to bring back their creative and entrepreneurial spirit. Taking time for yourself is critical to fully blossom in the modern world and to experience the happiness and fulfillment you deserve.

“No matter what your dreams or obstacles, you have the power to change your life and, by doing so, you’ll change the world.”
Marie Farleo

Our retreats, experiences, and anything else we offer is to make a difference in your life. To help you build a life that brings back your authenticity and unique identity.

If you want to make connections and change in your personal or professional life, we’re here to help you reach the highest levels of your mental, physical and creative potential through our selected adventures.

AFTER our Bionic Bio Course:


As a recreation therapist with an obsession for adventure, Diana Proemm empowers women to break free from self-imposed limitations and rediscover their natural strengths. Using coaching, workshops, and outdoor experiences, she helps women ignite their passion for living life to the fullest and embrace a holistic approach to mental and physical health.


As a recreation therapist with an obsession for adventure, Diana Proemm empowers women to break free from self-imposed limitations and rediscover their natural strengths. Using coaching, workshops, and outdoor experiences, she helps women ignite their passion for living life to the fullest and embrace a holistic approach to mental and physical health.

With over 25 years of experience, Diana works with women who are ready to take on new challenges and expand their horizons. She guides them to step out of their comfort zones, connect with themselves, and trust their intuition to create the life they truly want to live.

Diana's passion for outdoor activities is infectious, and she uses it to help women overcome their mental blocks and embrace their unique skills and abilities. Through transformational activities, nature, and life coaching, she inspires women to recognize and connect with their own power.

Diana's mission is to ignite the fire within every woman and help them rediscover their sense of adventure. She believes every woman has the power and skills to achieve everything they've ever wanted, and she's committed to helping them make it happen.

When she's not coaching or guiding, you can find Diana living her best life as a self-proclaimed gypsy and adventure addict. Whether she's skiing the slopes at Big Sky Resort, hiking the mountains and forests around Bozeman, Montana, or bike patrolling in the summer, Diana is always pushing her own limits and inspiring others to do the same.

Diana is a true guru for those ready to embark on a fun and adventurous journey of self-discovery to break free from the old and embrace the bold. You can reach Diana at www.youradventurerx.com.

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