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As an author coach and book publisher, Keren guides coaches, authors, speakers, and entrepreneurs in refining their message and writing books that add value, cause people to take action, and make an impact in the world. As an intuitive ghostwriter and editor, she connects with you and the energy of your project and guides you to make a quantum shift in your messaging whether that is communicated in a blog, social media, or a book.

Keren has been in the publishing industry for over 25 years. She has ghostwritten, edited, and published hundreds of books including self-help, biographies, young reader, college textbooks, spiritual enlightenment, personal development, romance, poetry, coffee table art books, and mystery novels.

Gifted in intuition and communication, Keren can see the bigger picture, simplify complex ideas, and structure writing for flow and deeper application.

She especially loves working on books that change lives and inspire people to reach their full potential.

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