As an author coaching and book publisher, Keren Kilgore works with visionary leaders and entrepreneurs who are stuck. They are gifted at what they do and know that becoming a published author would create a quantum shift in their business. But they don’t know how to get started.

Keren connects with you on an energetic level so she can understand your souls purpose, then guides you in planning for and writing a successful book. She taps into her writing, editing, and design skills to create a page-turner with a kick-ass cover. And finally, she’ll help you customize a best-selling marketing blueprint to sell as many copies as possible.

Keren facilitates monthly writing workshops and helps entrepreneurs write stories to use in public speaking, closing sales, social media, and books. She has ghostwritten and published hundreds of books for authors and is currently writing a book entitled Can I Call You Mom? about her experience as a foster Mom to 26 teenagers and a book called Blink for young readers.

Always ready for a new adventure, Keren was an avid motorcyclist for 25 years. She completed an Iron Butt ride on her BMW 1200RT touring bike. She gets recharged spending time in nature playing golf, hiking, biking, kayaking, and paddleboarding. She’s also an expert at decluttering having moved more than 50 times. She loves to paint with watercolors, cooking, entertaining, game nights, anything having to do with water, and enjoys a scotch on the back porch by the fire with Michael, her beloved husband of 40 years. 

Keren has two children—Abby (graphic designer) and Derek (financial advisor). Then six more awesome people joined the family when Abby met Jeremy and they had two children (Sydney and Wyatt) and Derek met Amber and they had two kids (Addy and Ethan).

The 10 of them spend several weeks a year vacationing, camping, playing games, and cooking together.

As an intuitive, Keren is gifted at launching visionary thought leaders. She loves learning about you, your passion, and your vision, then infusing you with energy to create a quantum shift in the world.

You can reach Keren at QuantumShiftMedia.com..

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