Keren loves life and is passionate about creating. This includes spending time in nature - hiking, biking, exploring, kayaking, and beach combing. Creating art such as rock painting, water coloring (she has an entire wall in her home covered in corkboard with artwork pinned to it).

Cooking gourmet meals and enjoying them with a nice glass of wine. Entertaining friends and family,  playing darts in the garage and bocce ball in the neighborhood park and stargazing and enjoying a scotch on the back porch by the fire with Michael, her beloved husband of 40 years.

Always willing to embrace the next adventure, Keren was an avid motorcyclist for 25 years and completed an Iron Butt ride on her BMW 1200RT touring bike. The ride started at 4am in Lakewood, Colorado and ended at 2am in Grand Lake all on Colorado backroads. On that ride she saw a moose, a mama bear with her two cubs, a herd of elk, and spent a lot of time riding in a standing position to keep from getting an iron butt.  She’s ridden from California to Key West and from Canada to Mexico.

Keren has survived had eight traumatic brain injuries over her lifetime with no lasting effects. Four were as a child, one from a horse accident, and three on her motorcycles. Knowing another brain injury could be lasting, she gave up riding and bought a walking golf cart.

Keren has edited or ghostwritten hundreds of books for authors. She started editing and publishing books in 1995 and has worked with many different authors including college professors, tennis professionals, spiritual gurus, emotional healers, world changers, missionaries, teachers, insurance experts, poets and lovers of life. She’s currently writing a book entitled “Can I Call You Mom?” full of stories about her life and the colorful life with 26 teenage foster kids and what they taught her. She's also writing a children's book about a colt, and a mystery novel about a homeless woman in Denver who bridges two cultures.  One of Keren's favorite activities is being a book doula leading weekly writing workshops and watching books get birthed.

Keren has two highly gifted children. Abby, Keren's business partner, is a web and graphic designer, and lives in Florida with her husband, Jeremy (who owns a boat lift company called Tide Water Boat Lifts). They have two children, Sydney (5) and Wyatt (4).

Derek, a financial advisor, lives in Littleton, Colorado with his wife Amber (a school nurse) and they have two children, Addy (9) and Ethan (7).

We love spending time as a family hiking and camping in Colorado and boating and enjoying the beach when in Florida, and playing games whenever we can. Keren perfected indoor golf by creating a course using solo cups and masking tape that started in the master bedroom with plastic balls ricocheting off doors and walls, down a few stairs, around two fireplaces, through Keren's office ending up at the 18th hole in the guest room. And they never lost a ball.

Michael and Keren have been married 40 years and have lived all over the country. Some of their favorite places were Ft. Lauderdale, Florida; the San Francisco Bay area; Myrtle Beach, South Carolina; Uganda, Africa; and Denver, Colorado. They enjoy walking a round of golf, hiking, sitting by a Colorado rushing river, beating each other at darts, cooking meals together, and riding bicycles with great grandchildren yet to come.

One of their tips for a happy relationship is what they call "A More Perfect Union" based on the US Constitution:
We the People of the United States, in order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution.

They meet every week to refine and perfect their union using the 5 guidelines.

Justice = needs of others; giving time, talent, and treasure away
Domestic tranquility = running our home, our family, fun and social activities
Common defense = our finances
Promote welfare = our relationship and personal well being
Blessing of liberty = areas we want to expand individually

A More Perfect Union has become a sweet spot that moves and shifts weekly requiring a process of eliminating, changing, and adding intentions and objectives to each of these areas.

Keren has no intention of retiring. Almost every day a new idea to create or learn or implement comes to her and to do them all would require many more lifetimes.

Keren Kilgore works with visionary leaders, authors, and entrepreneurs who are gifted at what they do but stuck when it comes to promoting themselves.

She creates a quantum shift in your business by turning your ideas into practical strategies and creative messaging so that you can attract your tribe and make the impact you are looking for.

She shifts your business in four areas: Coaching, Branding, Websites and Publishing.

Here’s a rundown of each of these areas.

  • Coaching entrepreneurs in creating magnetic messaging, and then teaching you how to communicate it and market yourself.
  • Creating magnetic branding that sells YOU and shows your value, making clients eager to pay what your services are worth.
  • Building a web presence based on your energy, and refining the content and design so that your site becomes a memorable experience and makes people want to work with you.
  • Helping authors get books out of their head, into print and then the marketplace.


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