Become a Published Author


We'd like to invite you to become a published author in a collaborative book project: 600 Years of Entrepreneurship: 33 Stories of Transforming Challenges Into Big Wins.

We are inviting seasoned business owners to participate in writing their story about a significant challenge they faced that turned into a big win.

The idea we want to convey is, "Stand on my shoulders. Learn from me and go bigger."

We firmly believe that helping others with their success is the key to our success.

We invite you to participate in this project and become a published author. This opportunity is open to NIA members first.

There are only 33 spots in this book and they are going to go fast.

Yes I Want to Participate

Why Would you Want To Become A Published Author?

  • Increase your credibility and influence
  • Attract more clients and boost sales in your business
  • Greater opportunities such as speaking gigs and podcasts thus prospecting
  • Ability to raise your prices for the things that you're doing as people see you in a whole different light
  • Use the book as follow up for prospects/networking – gifts
  • Right to put Author in your bio and email signatures

What You Get Out of Participating

  • Guidance on how to write your section of the book
  • Easy to meet deadlines
  • Writing workshops to help sculpt your story
  • Step by step instructions through the entire publishing process
  • Marketing tools you can use to promote the book on social media
  • Full marketing of the book by Quantum Shift Media
  • An Amazon best seller campaign
  • 5 copies of the book for you to sell or give away
  • Graphic of the book with Amazon and Barnes & Noble logos for you to put on your website to promote the book
  • Additional copies of the book (for an additional price)
  • Option to have a professional editor help you with your story
  • A  book launch party

Services Provided By Quantum Shift Media:

  • Publishing the book under our label
  • Handling all admin tasks from writing, gathering chapters from authors
  • Providing writing prompts to spark ideas (you probably already have them though)
  • Professional Book Cover and Interior Design
  • Book printing
  • Book marketing
  • Guidance through every phase of the project through a course content with email reminders in each phase
  • Email reminders of when to get each task done in order to meet the publishing date
  • Design and print of banners and posters for the book signing event
Only $667

I'd like to lead a collaborative book project

I Want to Participate and Become a Published Author!