What Exactly is the “50+ and Fabulous” Collaborative Book?

This collaborative book offers the opportunity to share the beauty and wisdom of women over the age of 50. It will showcase the portraits and stories of some very special women to remind the world (and ourselves) that we are as beautiful and worthy of being seen as we’ve ever been.

We invite you to participate and become a published author! Along with your portrait taken by Julie Ulstrup, we will ask you to share a story or some advice that will inspire, empower, or encourage other women. This book is showcase of what it means to be a woman, what it means to be you, and what wisdom you can offer the world.

Join with us in this opportunity to be a published author and celebrate all the benefits women enjoy when they are lucky enough to be 50+ and Fabulous!

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Join us now!

A Step-by-Step Guide To Help you Submit Your Work

Want to publish your story, but no idea how to do it?

We will guide you, step-by-step, helping you submit your work for our project.

One Copy of the Published Work

You will receive one copy of the coffee table book, also known as a cocktail table book. Our book will be beautiful and meant for display and to inspire conversation.

You will always be able to order more, at an additional cost.

The photography and copy will be black and white; the copy and layout will be architectural and gorgeous.

Editing and Revision Services Available

Concerned that you will may be a little rusty in the writing department? Do not let that keep you from letting your story be heard.

You will have the opportunity to join in a free writing workshop to help you write your article and author bio. And if you want to share only the best version of your story, we offer professional editing services for an additional fee of $200.

A New Network of Amazing Women to Celebrate and Find Support

We will be building a network of strong, successful, and driven women to collaborate with within the text, as well as outside of the text. We will be creating a tribe for you to belong to, learn from, and network with during and after our collaboration.

Ready to be seen?

Professional Growth Through Publishing

  • Increase your credibility / build authority 
  • Generate leads and grow your list exponentially; which in turn allows you to do more of whatever you do (attract more clients, sell bigger packages, sell more expensive programs, increase your fanbase)
  • Allow you to become a part of a supportive community that will stand beside you
  • Help you create a tribe of like-minded people who love what you have to say
  • Open up endless networking opportunities 
  • Open opportunities for you to be a guest blogger, a guest on podcasts, or guest posts; which result in greater exposure to much larger audiences
  • Open doors to speaking engagements and presentations
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Interested, But Have Questions?

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We Will Give You All the Guidance You Need

To Become a Published Author 

Not only will your work be published in a beautiful, cocktail-table book,  but you will be given step-by-step directions on how to do it all: from what to write about to how to promote our book.

You will gain a new network of friends and professional support,  and you will truly say to the world:


Look at me. 

I am fierce and I am fabulous.